September ONLY!!

A rare opportunity for the Central Pennsylvania area! Let’s Dance activities will be providing services to the local area in September including the Harrisburg, Camp Hill, York, Lancaster and surrounding areas. Let’s Dance provides a variety of services including those for the severely cognitively and memory impaired.

We know how difficult it can be to plan activities for the severely memory impaired especially when they lose their ability to use or understand language. Many experts agree that music stimulates even the hardest to reach individuals. Our services provide music related activities for all levels of physical, memory, and cognitive abilities. We know that our services can help enhance the activities at your facility.

Please be sure to look at the different services to find the perfect fit for your individual residents needs.

We encourage you to contact us to make arrangements for your facility as soon as possible. Please email for prices and to arrange a visit in September.

Providing stress relief and joy regardless of mental capacity
Healing with Music and Movement