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Bright Hawk

Bright Hawk on the Hang PanArt Instrument

Bright Hawk creates joyous and healing music with her Hang PanArt instrument

BH Promo shot

Bright Hawk, a world traveled Hang PANArtist, storyteller, composer, percussionist and uplifting spirit. 


The musician, Bright Hawk, is gifted at playing many instruments and has been performing, teaching and playing music throughout her life, in a variety of venues around the world including hospitals, hospice, schools, yoga classes, and healing programs. Today Bright Hawk offers a variety of programming for all sorts of communities with Let’s Dance.

In addition to music, Bright Hawk is also a storyteller and has worked with a children’s hospital to provide music and storytelling as a regular weekly program. She also has a marimba band in Boulder, Colorado that is well loved by the local retirement home. Currently, she plays the PanArt music in many residential and long term care facilities and is a certified hospice volunteer in Boulder, Colorado.

Her CD, Echoes of the Deep Waters with Sacred Side Project is a favorite for its deeply healing, relaxing and inspiring music. Practitioners around the world are finding it helpful in supporting people on their healing journey.

Bright Hawk has a Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude from California State University Long Beach. As a musician, she is playing and supporting healing programs through  her music on the Hang PanArt around the world. A compassionate humanitarian, Bright Hawk is building a life of doing what she loves and loving what she does.

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